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Inversion Ensemble Album Release!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I am honored and excited to announce today's album release by Austin's own Inversion Ensemble, titled Inversion Ensemble I and including my setting of the "Lux Aeterna." Special thanks to Artistic Director Trevor Shaw, Managing Director Robbie LaBanca, and the marvelous musicians of Inversion Ensemble for their work on this project. Also, congratulations are in order to Trevor, Robbie, and Alex Johnson for the release of their own choral works on this album! You may listen to "Lux Aeterna" on Spotify by clicking here, and to Inversion Ensemble I by clicking here.

The Rose Window, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, California

Program Notes:

Lux Aeterna was composed in 2015 as part ofA Requiem for Peace.  It is a setting of the Lux Aeterna from the traditional Requiem Mass, the text of which is found in the Liber Usualis. Beginning with the traditional plainsong chant sung in unison, it blossoms into four-part harmony as the Latin text “Lux aeterna, luceat eis Domine” (“Let light perpetual shine upon them, O Lord”) is heard. Harmonic tension builds as the plea “Requiem aeterna dona eis Domine” (“Grant them eternal rest, O Lord”) is repeated three times. The final chord builds with the single word “Lux,” an entreaty for eternal light to shine upon our beloved departed. It is my hope that this setting of the Lux Aeterna may bless those who have known loss with solace and peace. 

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